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2004 Trek T 2000, 1998 MT3000 Cannondale

by Allen/Laura
(Beaumont Texas)

Ready for our first off road adventure. Swear I heard the road tandem say

We began tandeming about 8 years ago as my wife is my best friend and stoker. We are not a fast team but enjoy the rides and spending time together. We do a lot of organized rides. We only wish there were more (we are the only one) tandem couples in the area. Houston has a tandem club (HATS) but they are almost a 2 hour drive to there events.

We just purchased the Mountain Tandem a few days ago. Our first ride on it showed us that off road riding is completely different than road riding! We will have to hone our skills.
The best thing about riding the tandem is the time together and that it brings a smile to everyone you see. Who cannot love a bicycle built for two!!!

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