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The Best Tandem Bicycles are those you ride.

Here you are, spending your valuable time wondering which one of the best tandem bicycles are right for you and your partner. Believe me, this is time well spent. You need a bicycle buying guide that will help you decide:

These choices are the first that you need to make before you decide if you want to get into riding a tandem (or triple or quad or quint . . .) It may seem like an obvious choice but you should think about it. How many in your family? Will you all ride together? Can you transport your tandem on your vehicle. Where will you store the bike?

Some of the larger "tandems" take quite a bit of room to maneuver and some muscle to heft if you are planning to put them on the roof or back of your vehicle.

Maybe a trailer is the way to got to move your bike around?


Another consideration is do you want a road bike tandem or a mountain bike tandem?

Take the tandem test and see if you are the right kind of person to ride a tandem.

Weigh these options carefully and then make your choice on a bike type. Look over the links above and to the left and see what these different types of bikes have to offer you. It will allow you to make a more informed decision.

I am constantly adding to this site so if something you are looking for isn't here it may be soon.  If you want to see something specific, use our suggestion form at the left to suggest information you would like.

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