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Custom Erickson

by Peter Leiss
(Toronto Ontario Canada)

Custom Erickson

Custom Erickson

We went on an Erickson Tour in Tuscany for our tenth anniversary on our Co-Motion Cappuccino. It was a marvelous tour with 3 other tandems besides ours. While there Glenn Erickson observed that we did not have our position dialed in totally. It was ultimately decided that we could get a custom frame made by Glenn of course.

So we went ahead and had our Erickson built. We received our new tandem early in 2008 and could not be happier with it. Peggy my fabulous stoker and wife does not miss the beam at all. We have put over 1500 miles on it this year.

Disk Brakes all around with SS couplers and Glenn's custom Campy shifter to Shimano derailleur converter. Everything works really well.

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