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Perhaps a four wheel bicycle, also known as a quadricycle, quadracycle or surrey, could replace your car for short hops!

I like the quadricycle because it saves gas and completing my local errands gets me exercise. "

Is a quadricycle right for me? With the price of gas now and the costs of insurance rising every day it just might be.

It will always start, never have an engine breakdown (though the people providing the power might disagree) and will never burn a drop of gas.

"What can carry one, two or more people depending on the model and runs on bananas and yogurt?"

While there are are lots and lots of choices out there for 4 wheel pedal powered vehicles, more than you can imagine. One company stands cleary above all the rest, Rhodes cars.

If you are interested in a different brand, I will try to give you a comprehensive listing of them and what you need to know about them below.

A quadricycle from Rhodes can be a great way to get around your neighborhood and run short errands. While you are pulling up to the local grocery store and going in, your friends are still cruising the lot looking for a place to park. Your friends come out, their car doesn't start because they left the lights on. Yours will always start because it runs on your power, not an external source.

Now don't get the notion that you can cruise thing thing around at 60 mph, because you can't. Well, not if you are normal you can't. Maybe four Lance Armstrongs could run quadricycle at 60mph on the flats but that's another story.

If you live in a planned community and want and alternatives to a golf cart now you have one.

Were aren't talking about doing a 50 mile commute on a quadricycle but most people in the US don't commute that far. According to government statistics, the average driver only travels 12 miles and averages 32.3 mph. If you rode your quadricycle for just your daily commute and it was 12 miles away you could get there in 45 minutes doing around 17mph. Now, as they say, your actual mileage may vary. Truthfully, you aren't going to go 12 miles one way but you probably will go 4 or 5 to run an errrand on a regular day and with two people 17mph isn't that hard to do

What about those short trips like I talked about above. Why not use the quadricycle to go to the grocery store, hardware store or video store to rent a movie? It is a great way to get your metabolism revved up and burn off extra calories as well as do the "green thing".

Giving you the stability of a car, smooth ride of a car but not the environmental impact of a car this is truly a green alternative. If you have the right community, they are a great way for one or two people to get around and carry stuff with them when a tandem or single bike just won't do.
tandems help you reduce commuting stressThese bikes are a common way to get around resort areas as a family outing

Around in modern times commercially since the 1930's under the name "Velocar" by a French man named Charles Mochet, recently these vehicles have been available in the U.S. from a company called Rhoades Car Store

If you are interested in a little history, here it is, if not, skip down to the next paragraph.

Seen as early as 1853 at the World Fair in New York, quadricycles were seen as a viable transportation alternative to the horse and buggy. Though not configured like a 4 wheeled bicycle you might see on the road today, these were one solution to the problem of low-speed stability in inherent in the early cycles such as high wheelers and similar types.

Quadricycles of the period and were typically multi-seat models to make them practical as "real" transportation and not just a form of entertainment. The types of seating that you could find on the Quads of the time were tandem (in line like a tandem bicycle) and sociable (side-by-side called this because you could easily speak with your passenger thus you were being "sociable") seating configurations were used. Both of these designs are available today as prebuilt model or as combine-them-yourself models where you fit two bike together like this.

Here are some current quadricycles for sale on eBay. It changes every day so bookmark (CTRL+D) this site and check back often.

There are four primary categories for a quadriycle.

  • Tourist Attractions

    tandems help you reduce commuting stressYou can find these at some resorts as a fun filled way to get around. A company named Quadracycle Inc. makes the quadricycle seen to the right.
  • Pedicabs:

    Seen in some metropolitan areas, these bikes can carry up to seven passengers
  • Touring:

    Taken as an alternative to a traditional bicycle, these models can be used to go on long trips or even commute to work. Grouped in this category could be included the mountain type pedal car. It has a beefier suspension and can climb some serious hills, not that a regular 4 wheel bike can't climb hills with ease.
  • Industrial:

    Seen at large complexes where walking is impractical, industrial pedal vehicles are a common part of big industry and used in the military at bases worldwide. Industrial trikes are here, industrial bikes are here.

Click here to see a list of quadracycle manufacturers


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