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A three wheel bicycle you say? What could be more fun! Come along and see what they are all about.

Three wheel bicycles, also known as trikes (can also call them 3 wheel bicycles as an alternative) are a very interesting vehicle. Most you will see are built along the lines of two wheels in the front and low slung like a recumbent three wheel bicycle
and not the more traditional one wheel in front, two in the back like your children's tricycle. A 3 wheel bicycle can be a great way to get around to and from work (link to commuting articles?), take leisurely tours or just cruising around. An alternative use for a trike is in theindustrial setting. Many large companies find the industrial bicycles are a cost effective alternative to electric carts or gas powered vehicles to get around their plants. It speeds transit time in the factory and give the workers some exercise. industrial bike

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